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Lecture 2

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Elizabeth Page- Gould

psyb10 190911 Self and SelfregulationThe selfan individual consciousness of ones own identity their feelings observations and thoughts also how you feel about yourself and othersSelf awareness awareness of the self as an entity and makes a point that you are different from other people and the environment even some primates know that they are different from others and the fact that they existMark test or the Rouge Test infants when theyre born dont have selfawareness by the time they are 15 years they will pass the Mark test after a baby sleeps the experimenter would put a mark on their cheek then they expose them to a mirror the point of the test is that does the baby notice that there is something on its cheek or reach out to the mirror as if there is another baby even monkeys have self awareness because even they pass the rouge testLevels of the selfMinimal self most basic form of self you can have it is when you know that you are very different from rest of the people and the environment it develops almost immediately after the birth of the baby double similulation when you rub your hands you feel your hands rubbing but whenyou rub the podium you only feel one thingObjectified self ability to think about yourself as an object capacity to serve as the object of ones own or others attentionSymbolic self also called Narrative self uniquely human ability to form as abstract mental representation of oneself through language The self concept your concept of who you are everything you know about yourself it includes your personality moral values identitiescanadian social rolesbrother athlete etcSelf schema
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