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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Elizabeth Page- Gould

psyb10 260911 Personal preceptionSocial interactionWhat goes into person preception how to we think about other people and how we preceive themBehaviour when you are intereacting with them it is the behaviour you see personality verbal behaviour talking nonverbal behaviour the things we do that we dont say it is how we say things etcContextSchemasTwo forms of nonverbal behaviourEmblems these are gestures that mean something nonlinguistic form of behaviour they do have meanings example thumbs up means you have done something good thumbs down or peach sign the meanings are culturally bound they can mean different things in different culturesPower of behavioural input Thin Slices approach that is focussed on the attributional power of brief exposure to others you show people images of other people usually face and you make them decide things about the person are they strong and sometimes we are really good at detecting things about the personSES social economic status your income etc and status in society they predicted their income education and their parents income etc showed us a video of two people no talking just a silent video and were asked to guess who had a higher SES low SES usually do what they are told high SES usually do their own thing results statistically accurate in detecting parents income mothers education What did people use to guess this grooming manipulating objects doodling people who were high SESwhats in a face Nick proff from UTSG hes research shows that if you show yearbook pictures of CEOs of companies successful or not and ask them people were able to say what kind of company these people would be havingContext
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