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Lecture 4

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Elizabeth Page- Gould

psyb10 031011What are attitudesit is like or dislike that influences our behaviour towards someone or something ABCA affective what you feel about somethingB behaviour what you are likely to doC cognitive what you think about something What goes into an attitudeValence how good or bad you think something is Strength it is the intensity of somethingboth valence and strength are both different dimensions that function aloneAttitude TypesExplicit attitude you are fully aware of it and it is stored in the form of a statement if I ask you what do you think of Tim Hortons then you can answer the questionImplicit attitude an attitude that is stored in your semantic network you may or may not be aware of it associate betwene the object of the attitude and the concepts of good and bad good flowers bad war famineAttitudes and Behavioryou have a belief about something then you behave in relation to your beliefand your behaviour towards that thing changes your belief about something Cognitive dissonance a change in your behaviour changes your attitudes you experience unpleasant tension when you experience contradictor attitudes you love justin beiber but your friend hates him or you behave inconsistently with your attitude you hang out
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