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Prosocial Behavior

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Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Lecture 22: Prosocial Behavior Lecture Overview N Co-operative Dilemmas N Prosocial Behaviour & Altruism N When Do We Help? N Why Do We Help? Co-operative Dilemmas N Situations where the most beneficial action for an individual will be harmful for the collective group N Commonly discussed social dilemmas: o Escalation of Conflict o Tragedy of the Commons o !7L843078LO022, Escalation of Conflict N Interpersonal conflict feeds itself and escalates if one side does not begin concession Escalation of Conflict in International Relations N Stimulus: Country A accidentally bombs a civilian area of Country B during a training exercise N 4:3978#0854380 o Bomb them back Country B is vindicated, but they are now at war with Country A o Accept apology Country B takes a hit in many ways, but they maintain peaceful relations with Country A Usually conflict builds on itself when aggressive behavior keeps on being matched between two opposing sides. Somebody has to decide not to match aggression to stop the escalation of conflict. Tragedy of the Commons N A co-operative dilemma in which everyone takes from a common pool of goods that will replenish itself if used in moderation but disappear if overused o Example: sheep grazing In England there used to be common fields were farmers could bring their sheep to graze, however if any farmer had their sheep graze there all the time, the grass would disappear N Why do we take more than our share?
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