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Lecture 21 - Aggression

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Lecture 21 Aggression Aggression Intentional behaviour The intension matters Two types of pain that we think about when people who study aggression think about Type of Pain Physical aggression o Aggression that causes physical pain o Youre actually hurt in some way and need to go to the doctor maybe Verbal or Relational Aggression o Youre not cut but youre psychologically hurt o Psychological emotional hurt really does help in a physical sense o The reason why people call it relational aggression broadly defined Goal of Aggression Distinction between hostile and instrumental aggression Key is what was the point Hostile Aggression Youre upset so you want to inflict pain on somebody else The goal itself is to inflict pain Instrumental Aggression Outcome goal is not to hurt them Save somebody but in the process they get their arm scratched We dont think of it being that bad but it depends on the context and what the ultimate goal is Approaches to Aggression Think about a time when you hurt somebody else Why did you do it? Because thats the thing we care a lot about more than what they did Why we hurt: Typical Answers
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