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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 - Social Interactions

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Elizabeth Page- Gould

Lecture 7Social Interactions What are Social Interactions Social Interactions Back and forth exchange of verbal nonverbal behavior between 2 or more peopleThe average time for nonconflict interaction is 10 minutes while conflict interactions last 3 minutes Modes of Social Interactions In person over the phone online Theoretical Models1 Field Theory A persons behavior is a function of both who they are the Person and the situation they find themselves in the EnvironmentB f PEB behavior P Factors internal to the person E Factors in the external EnvironmentBIDIRECTIONAL2General Social Interaction TheoryCantorKihlstorm Describes Dyadic 2 people Social interaction BUT CAN BE GENERALIZED WITH MORE Assigned Roles Actor Initiates interaction Target Object of Actors Action Roles are arbitrary Interaction Goal Mundane or monumental With impression formation you enter a situation and you form an impression before you act Cyclical Social Interaction3 participants study from 70s noise gun experiment Snyder and Swan2 phases of experiment Part 1 2 will talk 3 will be in another room23 will talk 1 will be in another room Part 2 will be in both phasesPhase 1 1 and 2 are introduced to noisegun game they will play this game back and forth blast each other w noise gun 1 is given impression of 2 totally irrelevant to 2s person before the experimentTOTALLY HOSTILE OR NONHOSTILE Part 2 is not told anything about 1however they are told either the way you use the noise gun BLAST GUNROWDYDISPOSITION if you make it
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