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Lecture 16

Lecture 16

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Elizabeth Page- Gould

Social PsychologyCultureLecture 16Cultural Psychology is a relatively new areaEarly 90s pple started talking about culture from a psychological perspective even though culture affects everything we doWhat is cultureAn everchanging constructive stimulus which shapes the way individuals perceive the worldThe lens through which we view the world1 dynamic its constantly shiftingchanging2 Influenced by members of the culture3 Influences members of the cultureMoreover culture has an effect on youyou have an influence on your cultureThink about how culture has changed overtime from generation to generationWhat do we think about when we say cultureNationalityThe country were born inCanada is our cultureEthnicityCultural heritageYou cultural background which affects the way you approach the worldOn the other hand race is more generalIdentificationShared identity of group membersSo how much you feel you identify w your culture determines how much that culture affects youyou interact w that culturePsychologists like to talk about culture as a meaning systemMeaning SystemCulture is a combo of symbols languagesexperiences that are shared as a whole by the cultureIt is involved in how we interpretperceive the worldMetaphysics is involved in culturemeaning systemsbeliefs about the world universeexistence what our purpose isWhy should we careIncreasing diversity in Canada50 of growth in Canada is due to immigration 2001 consensusWe live in a global economyBusiness involves culture and inorder to be good at business you have to have an understanding of different cultures You need to know the manners of different
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