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Lecture 17

Lecture 17 II

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Elizabeth Page- Gould

Lecture 17Part 2Social PowerHierarchyMaintaining HierarchyHow Do We Maintain HierarchyHow social power affects social cognitionYoure given powerstatus by the social worldPower changes the way someone construesapproaches the worldThis is a recipricol processes because u receive status and power from others but then this also changes u and how u interact with others thus affecting social cognitionEffects of Power on Psychological ProcessessPower Approach Theory early 2000sLooking back at emotions its either an approach oriented state or an avoidanceoriented state related to BASBehavioural Approachand BIS Behaviour InhibitionPower affects relative activation of neurobiological systems of BAS and BISSo high power is an approach orientated motivation and you approach attractive aspects of a situation So if youre high in power and you have a situation you will focus on rewards Therefore you want to achieve that rewardHowever low power is the activation of BIS they focus in threat and punishmentSince we see hierarchy in behaviour and power in animals that these are real basic thingsIn an experiment if you manipulate power the more power one gets the more they think things will go right in the world in general You tend to be more competent you get less experience of negative emotion in daily and life and more positiveBIS and BAS are basic systems so idea that we have 2 levels of motivation drives Behavioural approach is moving towards something Example when you get angry When youre afraid its an inhibition focus motivationSo this theory says that we only have 2 motivations approach or avoid and power affects which system is activated the most So if youre high power then youre always in approach mode whereas if your low in power then youre always in inhibition modeIn social interactions those who are in high power they tend to speak longer and they dominate conversations approach orientedThere are nonverbal behaviours that pple believe are associated w power Overall the things we think are related to power are actually notHigh power MythsDesnt have to do w less smiling more power raising eyebrows less dont nodd more touch their face less dont touch other people morethey dont have more gestures They dont speak faster and they dont have deeper voice Belief that their ability to convey emotions are diminished but this is not trueHowever people high in power have less luck detecting emotions of others kind of evolutionary cause you dont need to careBeen proposed that high power people dont take others perspectivesHigh Power The TruthPower is related to facial expressions High powermore facial expressions when happy or sad Power is also related to body openness leaning on the chair People who are high in power stand closer to people They also speak more loudly more dominating interrupt people
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