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Social Psychology PSYB10 Lecture 1 Social Psychology definition2nd slide Having your dog around you makes you feel better if your going through something harsh she changed thepeoplein Gordons definition toother ABCs of Social Psych Affect feeling an emotion or mood intense arousal sometimes intense sometimes low its something you feelBehaviour verbal and non verbal actionsCognition thoughts sensation perception and memory Aspects of our society that cause us to think a certain way What makes the thoughts feelings and behaviour social is when their actually influenced by others and it doesnt have to be someone says think this why but just thinking about your mom when your going to a party and you kind of become reserved she doesnt have to be there for you to feel that way How our thoughts and feelings are influenced to by others Monkey pictureshas sense of sef kapush monkey and one is that they dont differ much from other when it comes to food preference and they like cucumbers but they LOVE grapes showed a video about the monkeys taught the monkey that if they give token and then the monkey gets a cumber and then to the equity test and one monkey gets a grape and the other gets a cumber and he throws it down and he gets mad when he sees the other getting a grape while hes getting a cucumber and then the monkey doesnt do the exchange with the experimental because he feels its not fair Inequality Aversion Monkey refuses to eat their food when its not fair Picture of girl smiling basically when we see a emotion in other we tend to mimic it When a person tells you something about their life generally people tend to thing about related experience and when we think of ourselves we think about what people thing about us the way they tend to predict our behaviour etc TRIPLETSOCIAL FACILITATIONwhen bicyle trainers were training alone never went as fast as they would when they were racing in a pack and he came up with a hypothesis that presence of others enhances performance and he concluded first experiment by spinning the spindel wheel as fast as you can and the more faster you are the more money you have in two groups one in groups and one room alone and people actually spun faster in a group
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