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Lecture 04 Social Psychology Attitudes and Persuasion Attitude is a belief you hold that could have goodness or badness we talk about the valence of attitudepositivety and negativityWhat are attitudesAAffective side of attitude is how you feel emotions etc associated with various objects eghow you feel about a attitudeBBehavioural component is what your likely to do eg if you buy a iphoneCWhat you feel about it like eg set of assumptions and beliefs about iphoneWhat goes into an attitudeValience Basically how good or bad you think something as dimension from good to bad and the STRENGTH with which you hold them eg two people of iphones one person does not like iphones and never thinks about them and thats a NEGATIVE valience but its not STRONGSTRENGTH and someone STRONGLY has opinions about iphone and says how social media is ruining our society etc and we would say THAT attitude is quite strong and how intensly you hold it shows your STRENGTHATTITUDE TYPES1 explicitattitudes you can describe in words and you know them its stored in a form of a sentence you are fully aware of eg attitude about tim hortons andyou might have a entire thing to say about it and if your aware you have this attitude its EXPLICIT2Implicit simply an association you have between something and good and bad with your SEMANTIC networkword good and badthings for we have good implicit attitude about we associate with good and vice cersa eg war violence etc assoic with bad implicit attitudes and flowers are good implicit attiude its a ASSOCIATION you hold of itwe are not so aware of our implicit attitudes Your belief about something is going directly affect and predict your behaviour about something and also your behaviour after affects your attitude the bottom link is actually supported more by researchCognitive dissonance idea that a change in your behaviour changes your attitude dissonance is just a fancy way of saying unpleasent feeling of arousal or anxiety when your bhevaiour is different than your attitudes and values eg you REALLY love justin beiber and your friend HATES justin beiber this will be conflict that will create tension internally because you hold a attitude so strongly and this person your so close too holds it totally differently eg these group of people you hang out with you LOVE justin bieber and they HATE justin then you go on pretending like you hate him too this is INCONSISTENT BEHAVIOUR WITH UR ATTITUDES and the way that you have to relieve this tension is 1you change your attiude to match your behaviour eg change yourself attitude where you dont like justin anymore because you talked trash and it shows how our behaviour changes our attitude 2you can reappraise the situation so your behaviour no longer indicates anything about your attitudeshe will not get into detail with this COGNITIVE DISSONANCE EXPERIMENT Had people do this increadibly boring experiment where they had to turn pegs that were in this wooden board for 45 mins and it was meant to be boring but as you leave the experiment and your being debreefed and the experimental will say one of 3 things and they always mention people to be motivated to the task and they say First conditionIts my thesis project and i need peeople soon and in one of the conditionsokay theres always another participant waiting that your going to walk past when your leaving and I give you 20 extra if you tell the next participant that is waiting outside that the activity was great and fun and that is actually against the participants attitudes towards the activity but their getting 20 to say it Second condition And they ask the them to LIE and tell them to lie to the other participant but your only getting a loonie for it Third conditioncontrol condition Participant NOT asked to do anythingAnd then a week later they all got a call and it was a phone survey by the way the psychology is trying to ensure the quality and wer just curious how enjoyable was the studyBut they didnt have to answer any questions xaxis shows how enjoyable was the activity negativenot enjoyable 0in the middle and positive enjoyable and the people that were paid one dollar to LIE were like it was significantly enjoyable when asked week later and said it was QUITE ENJOYABLE and commpared to CCONTROL no it was not enjoyable and with the 20 at the top and this was the second option and this is like if you can reappraisethe situation and your behaviour isnt so inconsistent with your attituted then you dont have much of a change in your attitude as a result of your behvaiour and for people given 20 think well i lied but i was given 20 and the 1 didnt have much to reappraisethey changed their attitude to be incongurent with the lie they told
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