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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
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Person perceptionSocial interactionBehaviourwhen your interacting with somone its thier behaviour that you see in social psychology we talk about two behaviours verbal behaviourspeaking and talkinwhat you sayNONVERBAL all the things we do that we dont say we show it physically2 forms of nonverbal behaviour EMBLEMS nonverbal language gestures that mean something linguistically have a very well understood meaning in a certain culture eg if you get a thums up thats a good thing and thums down is a bad thing its to do with hands and the middle finger and peace sign means bad word in another country since it has a well understood meaning its with the gesture of the bodyTHIN SLICES show imagesvideos of another person eg picture of face and you want to decide alot of things about this person are they a leader etc and if you show someone a picture researchers find we are good at identifying things like we are able to extract certain parts of information on very SMALL spurts of time rather than the LONGEST time given to you and the longest is a 30 second clip and researchers ask you to rate that personvideooo how quickly you can guess someone SEShad real people interact with eachother and researchers took videos and then a new set of participants came in and rate their SES their income their education etc so people LOW SES move less and focus on what their given but person in HIGH SES moves around he pulled out his cell phone and started looking at his finger nails etc results people who saw them the people were able to detect mothers education parents income in slides they found that people who are high in SES tend to groom themselves more and doodle on their surveys and manipulating objects like pulling out cell phone and its a veryhigh powerthing to do and people LOW SES tend to follow power and authority CONTEXT situation what we get from someones behaviour it depends on situation example of lady who is crying who won the
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