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Lecture 3

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Elizabeth Page- Gould

Lecture 3 Social Psych -Thin Slices: show people images of another person, and have people decide random chacteristics about them. Research has found that we’re able to accurately judge something’s and extract certain infos from small exposures of an individual -Context: behaviour on its own doesn’t tell us about somebody, the behave in the context of the environment gives us a picture of the individual -Schemas: set of expectations that you have for a situation, person or thing. Attribution: an explanation for behaviour that you observe. >can be for yourself, or for others -attribution is very automatic -internal attribution. Attribute her behaviour to her personality, an attitude, values or beliefs. Anything that is about the person -correspondents bias: bias that refers to when we’re trying to attribute the behaviour of other people. We tend to attribute it to internal things >fundamental attribution error: correspondents bias AND when you’re perceiving yourself, and for our own behaviour you make external attributions -tendency to overestimate the role of information that grabs our attention >when you observe somebody else do the behaviour, you’re looking at the person whos doing the behaviour. Focused on them. The thing that you pay attention too is the thing you assign the cause to -Covariation Theory: if consistency level is low, its situational. If consistency is high, it could be internal/external attribution. Internal if consensus and distinctiveness is low and external if consensus and distinctiveness is high -Implicit Personality Theories: type of schema that we use to group personality trait
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