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Lecture 6

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Elizabeth Page- Gould

Social Psych Lecture 6 Emotion psychological and physiological basis to emotion emotion has to be a brief thing rise and fall quickly response to a stimulus emotion is felt subjectivelysix basis emotions predominant theory of emotion fear anger disgust sadness happiness and surprisethese 6 emotions are the building blocks of everything we experience everything else is a combo of some of those with complex emotions they are blends of those basic emotions positive emotions gratitude express appreciation expressing your gratitude is good for your emotional health improves social relationships social well being contentment satisfaction with what you have in life amusement desire and love some people say love isnt an emotion because it lasts a long time selfconscious emotions emotion you have that is elicited by the self pride shame guilt and embarrassment ex pride because you experience pride from something you did yourself each muscle group can move independently when they move in combinations is when they tells us if youre feeling a certain emotionfor disgust levitator labia currogator supercilii is generally related to negative emotionsorbicular oculi is related to real smile vs fake smile FACS have someone in front of a tv screen and a camera on their face Show them pictures and see their
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