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Lecture 8

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Elizabeth Page- Gould

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Social Psych Lecture 8Culture an ever changing constructive stimulus that shapes the way individ perceive and contribute to the worldculture changes all the time it is affected by the members of the culture culture itself shapes the individ also elements of culture nationality country you were born in ethnicity identification you can have a nationality and ethnicity but identification is how much you incorporate that heritage with yourself metaphysical aspect beliefs about the world why are we here existence origins of humanity story theory in cultural psychology individualism people emphasize the individ over the group personal achievements greater emphasis on competition and collectivism emphasis on th group social cohesion you can have both at the same time usually you see them as opposites political climate political structure of a country both constrains behaviourcultural expression but can also change it government matters religious beliefs are a big aspect of culture environment also shapes culture cognitive framing like a schema a set of expectations you have bout the world that you fit behaviour in to effects what you perceive in the world study when you are primed with your cultural icon youll behave more in line with your culture prime people with a familiar icon of their culture chinese icon for chinese people found that when they asked peopl
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