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Lecture 11

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Elizabeth Page- Gould

Social Psychology Lecture 11 Stress a response you have to a demanding situation the stressor stressors can take diff forms can be psychological or physiological staying up all night to study psycho stress degree to which you have to adapt in order to respond to an event that requires you to change and readjust your lifegood and bad events are stressful anything that requires change marriage graduation death in the family physio stress body responds to maintain homeostasis when body comes out of its normal routine to respond to something allostasis a tight allostatic system very flexible highs to lows in terms of arousal all for the purpose of adapting to the current environmentwhen were chronically stressed you see allostatic load when body stress system is continuously activated and you dont have time to recover between stressors system maintains a high level of stress for long time and body is less able to flexibly adapt result of chronic stressors is that if you have allostatic stress its related to heart diseases diabetes cancer immune disease challenge is the good stress improves your performance threat inhibits your performance only see challenge and threat when youre in a situations where youre mo
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