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Elizabeth Page- Gould

PSYB10 LEC 11 Group processes Types of groups Differentiating elements of Nonsocial vs Social Groups: Interaction Interdependence Social Groups Groups have social norms to guide behaviour Groups have well-defined social roles Vary in level of group cohesiveness Social Norms The implicit or explicit rules of a group about the acceptable behaviours, values, and beliefs of its members Group members are expected to conform to these norms Members who deviate from norms are punished or rejected Social Roles Shared expectations about how particular group members should behave Potential costs: Individual personality may be taken over by power of role Violation of social roles meets with censure from other group members Group Cohesiveness The degree to which a group IS or IS PERCEIVED TO BE close knit and similar Promotes liking and ingroup favouritism Affects stereotyping of the group by outsiders Destructive Cults A group of great devotion to a personideathing that employs unethical techniques of manipulation or control Jim Jones and the peoples temple NOV 18 , 1978 Jones orchestrates mass suicide Compound in Ghana
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