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Elizabeth Page- Gould

Wednesday September 22, 2010 The self I - The self- an indiv consciousness of ones own identity- feelings observations and thoughts - Does the self exist and are we aware of it? Self awareness- awareness of the self as an entity tht is distinct from others and the environment - Tested with the Mark Test aka Rouge Test when you look in the mirror do you recognize that person to be you or someone else? Ppl who are not self aware are not aware that that is them in the mirror - Not just humans can pass this test. - Mark test- take an infant b/n 1- 1.5 year old- put rouge on its cheek while sleeping. See if baby reaches for its own cheek or the image in mirror when they see the reflection - Up until late 80s we thought only humans had sense of self. - Mark test still argue that this test may not present self awareness per se- Levels of the self: Minimal Self, Objectified Self, Symbolic Self (also called the “Narrative self” - Minimal self- conscious experience of the self as distinct from the environment o Think about this in terms of double stimulation, both input and output receive stimuli on each end. Touch table;know its not part of you nersus it your arm touches your hand - Objectified self- cognitive capacity to serve as the object of one’s own or other attention o Once you become a social object. Many animals have a basic sense of self as being separate from the environment. - Symbolic self- ability to form an abstract mental rep of oneself through language o Can come up with words to describe self- can talk about life history as it progresses - Inherently social- “My thought of self is...filled up with my thought of others...and my thoughts of others...(are) mainly filled up with myself” –James Mark Baldwin (important psychologist0 o When we think about self we think about it in terms of others and how they think about us etc. The self concept- everything you know about yourself. - Self schema- cognitive rep of the self- derived from past experiences. Guides processing of self related info - Measure the self concept twenty statements test (TST) 1. I am____, 2. I am____, 3 I am____ o Asked to fill in words to complete the set of prompts. What you put in there is anal
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