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THE SELF & SELF-REGULATION September-17-12 2:16 PM Self- your concept of who u are  If u are conscious ur identity is unique and different from others  Self-awareness- the awareness of yourself as being a distinct object o Awareness is tested by the Rouge test or the MARK TEST  If u touch urself then u kno are aware of your self as a distinct object but if u touch the mirror then you think its someone else o Humans are aware after year 1 o Levels of self awareness  Minimal self- conscious experience of being distinct from environment  Double distinction is how humans achieve this (we can feel both our hand touching our arm and our arm being touched my our hand)  Objectified self- others can think about me and we can think about ourselves  Symbolic self- can think of ourselves thru mental and symbolic representations  Only humans can do this Self Concept  Your concept of who you are  The overall concept Self Schema o Cognitive representation of the SELF CONCEPT  Measuring- o The twenty statement test  Your description of yourself is determined by social roles and personality descriptors  Determines Self Complexity  How different the different aspects of the self concept is  Self schema- Me/Not me test  Contextualized self concept- we think of ourselves differently depending on the context o This helps with buffering negative f
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