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Lec 7- social Social interaction: back and forth exchange. Field theory : behavior is a function of the person and the environment. (the situation they find themselves in. behavior is who we are and the situation we are in. know the equation B= (P,E) All you know about other people are their behaviors. all the factors Behavior, Person and Environment can affect on each other. General social interaction cycle: there is an actor (perceiver) and target. The cycle can be generalized to as many people but it gets complicated. Actor initiates interaction, and target is option of actors interest. With impression formation, first point of interaction cycle. You walk in, then form and impression of the situation. impressions can be quickly made. When you first encounter someone you put together a host of ideas of who you think they are, having an influence on how your gonna act with them. Metaperception: a perception is when I perceive you. Metaperception is my ideas of what you perceive about me. I put myself in your head to perceive what you are thinking about me. -transparency overestimation: we assume people know more about you than you think. You think they know your intentions. Ex: when you lie, you assume people know that you did and why you did and it eats away at you. But your over estimating h
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