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Social lec 9 Conformity : change of behavior due to influenced by others Implicit social influence: influenced to change ur behavior by your working memory. Occurs outside of awareness. You get influenced by whats in your working memory Informational social influence: we see other people as a source of information that will guide out behavior. How humans are to be soo successful. -mass psychogenic illness: everytime you learn a new sickness they all think they have that illness. One person has a symptom everyone else seems to get it as well. Or emotions of others get spread through a group. -dots studies: -situations of crisis: we look to others when we’re scared or in a state of crisis -if the other people are experts you are more likely to conform to their beliefs. Resisting informational social influence: Humans have an unsatitiated need to appear consistent to other people. Normative social influence: influence of others that leads us to conform to be liked by a group. These are caused by social norms and social approval. Social norms: what is accepted by societies. So they must conform to the norms Social norm influences conformity. Social impact theory: factors that influence conformity. Such as strength of the group, how close the people in the group are to you and the effect they have on you. Immediacy, if you are more distant from the group, they wont have as much pull on you, its easier to not conform when your further i
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