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Psyb10 lec 16Close relationshipsHarlows monkeyseffects of social isolation It is a very powerful thing Wanting to belong is also a powerful thing Study socially isolate his monkeys for 3 months gave them food soft beds and the one thing that was missing was social interaction What happens dramatic disturbances huddled alone self mutilation rockingNegative impact of isolation can be reduced by introducing a monkey that has not been isolated monkey therapy After the therapy though they still remain a little stressed out when introduced to the fear stimulus But they eventually recover after about 6 monthsAttachment theoryInfant attachment describes how infants are emotionally attached to their caregivers or emotionally distressed at loss of caregiverFunctional purpose comforts fearful child builds expectations for future relationship provides secure base So when infant goes to explore they know that have something to go back to if you run into danger while exploringx Imprinting a form of attachment that occurs shortly after birthhatching among many species Occurs during the sensitive period Show of distress when imprinted object is removed Among humans humans enter the world predisposed to seek faces of primary caregiver They do cause they find social interaction rewarding and they have instinctive fear of the unknownAdult attachment attachment bonds that are formed when youre a child influence your attachment bonds when your older Good attachment bonds like being close prefer proximity and get distress from separation they turn to their partner for security derive security and allows us to explore and engage with the rest of the worldSecure attachment find it easy to get close to others trust them comfy with them trusting youdont worry about people too close or being abandoned56 of humans Believe they are likable trust others believe in enduring love They carry positive emotions They remember their caregivers to of been dependable responsive and caringAnxiousambivalent attachment other get close like you want worry that your partner doesnt love you or want to stay with you you want to mergecompletely with someone but it scares
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