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Lisa Dack

PSYB21 March 22 2012Future teachers need to know about childrens peer relations becausehelp know influences of childrens in general high achieving students and low achieving students usually hang outwithin each other o highhigh lowlowchildren with positive social skilss generally have little difficulty making friends but children wih poor social skills might be socially rejectedchildren with positive social skills tend ot be more successful in schoolschool is a place to practice social skillsRole of peers in developmentpeer A child of equal age or maturityPeers provideopportunity for play and exploring new roles o ex what is it like to be a leader to try what others suggestedopportunity for learning and practicing social skillsemotional and social supportinformation about behavioural norms and expectationsopportunity to develop close relationshipsan important role in forstering school engagement motivation and achievement o kids who hang out together influence one another positively and negatively and achieve similar academic levelsPopularity rejection and neglectpopular children tend to be friendly helpful goodnatured cooperative sensitive do well in school obey rilesother rejected children may not be aggressive but may simply be withdrawn and submissive o peer rejection has been linked to academic difficulties and dropoutsome children are neither popular nor rejected but are neglected shy socially withdrawn and pretty much ignored o children who are neglected tend to look less happy it is important for educators to know that schools now have a legal responsibility to protect lesbian gay and bisexual youth from sexual harassmentHow can teachers enhance peer relationsvery young children through play o in play kids learn to take perspectives followlead express emotions build relationships solve conflictskinda takes on skills that theyll take in real lifeelementarysecondary school collaborative learning opportunities
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