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PSYB21March 29 2012Theory of mind looking at different perspectiveso Ex Explaining why hitting is not good by asking If someone hit you then how would you feelCHAPTER 8 The Family Partners in Educationthe family is the childs primary source of support and nurture in early development o important because what happens in the house has a lot of influence on how they act at schoolHow do families influence developmentPARENTING STYLES AND CHARACTERISTICS How do parents act toward the children and how they act toward itParental Warmth and responsivenesswarmth showing affection empathy and interest in the child both their feelings and actions o warmth has been linked to the development of prosocial and moral behaviour higher selfesteem and higher intellectual abilities o lack of warmth hs been linked to delinquency and aggressionresonsiveness a parents prompt contingent and appropriate reaction to a childs behaviour o responsiveness has been linked to more secure attachment social competence emotional expressivity higher cognitive functioning more language development and resiliency o lack of respinsiveness has been linked to problem behavioursParental control and disciplinepowerassertive discipline using commands without reasons eg because I said so o tends to be ineffective and leads to more problem behaviour and aggressioninductive discipline offering explainations and ask children to reflect on behavour o children tend to engage in more prosocial behaviour and have enhanced Reinforcing positive behaviour tends to work better for learning than punishing negative behaviour for teachers too o Ex telling the child that I like the way that other student is sitting when you want that child to sit the same wayParenting stylesparents typically show combination of warmth responsiveness and control o ex figure 86table 81 Parenting Styles and Childrens Development
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