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PSYB21March 8 2012 Field placement due April 5thThings you noticeCognitive 3 examples physical 3 examples socialemotional 2 examplesRelate to theoriesBriefly explain what the theory is then say how it is related to what that child didand how both correlatesEx Pshysical o Effects of early physical maturity o Finegross motor skillsEx Vygotskys theoryDO NOT DO CHAPTER 4 not includedLEARNING TO COMMUNICATE Chapter 5 continued Learning Languagerequires joint attention or intersubjectivitythe sharing of a common focus o shared visual attention o ex BottleAttention with the object that is being labeled o ex Airplane look theres an airplane and everyone looks upAdults often help their children learn using infantdirected o Adults and child need to share attention First WordsAround a year of age most children begin to say single wordsFirst words typically refer to objects around the childlike dada ball or milk o Piaget says it makes sense because sensory motor stage relates to concreate stage with things around that are important in their worldBabies are often able to convey a sentence worth of meaning through single wordscalled holophrases o Ex If they want milk they say only milkTwoword utterances appear around 18 monthsOnce past the twoword stage much variability across childrenWill use telegraphic speech short simple sentences with mostly content wordso Ex Like taking out the lisa ballAround 3 begin expanding the structure of language adding things like eding and the possessiveAlso become better functionallybetter understood by others and Individual differences in early language developmentWhy is it important to understand individual differencesLate talkers typically increase their rate to catch up with typically developing peers o they tend to catch up sooner of later in couple years
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