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Lisa Dack

February 9 2012 MidtermIn MW 17050 multiple choice questions 50 marks2 written response question 15 marks2 hoursBring pencil for multiple choice and a pen for written questions Questions are based onReadingsProfessors lecturesGroup quizzes Chapter 3 Cognitive Development Piagets theorybelieved that children actively construct their own knowledge of the environment using what they already know to interpret new events and objectsmuch more interested in HOW children think than in WHAT they knowbelieved that cognitive development involves changes in a childs ability to reason about his her world o as you move through the stages you really change about the way you think about the world Schemasour basic structures for organizing information beliefs o ex how a kid might think about an elephantcharacteristicsTV movies booksExperience at zoospecial day with dadanimalas children progress through Piagets stages of cognitive development they become increasingly able to use complex and acbtract schemas for organizing knowledgeAssimilation vs AccomodationAssimilation Molding new information to fit with our existing schemasAccomodation Changing existing schemas to fit new information realize we have to change our beliefsEx Little kids think that anything with four legs are dogs o Doesnt exactly look like a dog but gonna call a horse a big doggie o Kid will eventually realize that it doesnt behave like a dog and feel uncomfortable therefore change accommodate and include other animals with four legs4 factors contributing to cognitive development 1 Maturation of ingerited physical structures
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