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Lecture 09 - PSYB21

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Lisa Dack

Peer Relations and Moral Development Chapter 7 Why do we need to know about Peer Relations and why does it matter? o If they are not social, problems could arise. o Having knowledge of this, you can figure out the reasons why students act out. o Children with positive social skills = no difficulty making friends o Poor Social Skills = might be social rejected o Children with positive social skills tend to be more successful School is the venue for people to develop social skills and to develop a sense of self and who they are Understanding Race and Identity Plays in a role in social interaction with others Many children grow up and only know other kids of the same ethnic group, perhaps because of environment or parents friends. Preschoolers do not realise that races are stable. o Do dark people drink chocolate milk? This is an example of a preschooler quote. o We shouldnt expect kids to have a strong understanding of this, and its important for teachers to place in their minds the right values regarding race. Young children often have a pro-white bias, as a colour. o Lots of data to back this out, but researchers have not figured it out. o Perhaps it was because of media, where superheroes tend to be adorned in white while the villains are dressed in black. In adolescence, begin to understand the social implications of ethnicity. o This age group tend to care more about race, despite popular belief.
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