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Lecture 14

Lecture 14

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Marc A Fournier

Lecture 14 Last Class - Intrinsically motivated behaviour undertaken for interest, behaviours that when asked why you have performed given behaviour your most intuitive response is because it was fun Needs & Need satisfaction Three basic psychological needs that are typical of the species characterize experiential of all individuals without regard to gender, race, culture, etc not a product of socialization forces they are constitutive of human nature and characterize what all people need, include need for autonomy, competence, and relatedness They are universal needs Variables that come into play from self-determination point of view are variables related to environment what are social or contextual factors that assist or frustrate people in pursuit of needs. Self determination theorist assumes need satisfaction cannot be taken for granted need to rely on environment to provide resources for our needs to be satisfied. 3 variables related to context that seem to contribute to satisfaction of needs and personality growth: Autonomy support extent to which environment providesoffers choices, extent to which initiation and innovation are encouraged and extent to which pressure to conform is minimized this is a condition that is supportive of autonomy, those supportive of autonomy help individuals to feel autonomous Degree of structure that is provided structure refers to extent to which contingencies between behaviours and outcomes are understandable. Well-structured environment provides guidelines; to what extent is feedback related to performance given. Structure is important for satisfaction of ones need of competence. Degree of involvement that significant others show toward you in the context of question, extent to others in the environment at hand express involvement need for relatedness will be met Ideal context supplies autonomy support, provides clear set of choices, moderate degree of structure and also involvement such that you realize other people are taking concern for welfare and development. These apply to wide variety of institutions and settings Notion that we cant assume psychological needs will be met, we need to rely to some extent on environment is an idea that self determination theorists have tried to put forward for some time. Often made reference to the plant analogy human growth and development is not unlike growth and development of other living things. Psychological needs behave in same way as plants, humans need to be supplied the experience of feeling autonomous, competence and relatedness, without those experiences they will languish. Idea that psychological integrity health and mental status depend upon provision of
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