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Lecture 16

Lecture 16

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Marc A Fournier

Lecture 16 Last class There is significant difference between Erikson approach and Freudian approach to human development. Failure to successfully face challenge of given life stage within Freuds framework made you unable to enter the next stage, it is possible to manage one stage so poorly that you cannot successfully move on to the next stage. The Erickson model is different; expectation is that you will move on to subsequent changes whether you have succeeded for failed. In Ericksons model, society confronts us with these challenges, whereas Freudians psychosexual stages you cannot move on. Two developmental processes thought to underlie achievement of ones identity exploration and commitment. Identity status classifications - Achievement Moratorium Foreclosure Diffusion Achievement have made well-defined commitments, and have explored their alternatives. More academically inclined Do better in university These individuals are not rebellious but they are also not conforming because they engage in executive process of exploring Moratorium (searchers) Unsure of what religion means to themwhat political beliefs are Signs that person is taking on challenge of identity in good faith, but have yet to make commitments that would distinguish them from identity achievement. These individuals tend to be anxious, friendly, likeable, sensitive and insightful Foreclosure Made ideological and vocational commitments without engaging in exploratory behaviour Tend to follow parents plans for them and not their own
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