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Lecture 20

Lecture 20

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Marc A Fournier

Lecture 20 Myth and Narrative Continued Inferiority is hallmark of human condition from Adlers point of view, about what and to what extent? Everyone has feeling of inferiority about something. Tension between innate feeling of inferiority and compensatory behaviours we use to overcome feelings of inferiority. For Adler, neurotic personality has to deal with intense feelings of inferiority, so intense that they are expected to become extremely self focused or self-absorbed. Can be characterized in the ways in which they handle and respond to threats of self worth. Rationalizing tactical use of ones symptoms to explain why one cannot face lifes demands, used to excuse one from not having things such as stable employment or relationship. Aggressive include things such as devaluing others when compared to oneself, blaming others, or oneself in order to attract attentionsympathy from others. Distancing similar to rationalizing, involve efforts to restrict ones participation in ones life therefore limiting opportunities of failure. These are the safeguarding strategies that are hallmark of safeguarding strategy. All of us have our own feeling of inferiority and all of us must come to terms with that. We all have to interpret our inferiority and develop some characteristic way of dealing, coping, and overcoming that feeling. We are negotiating relationship with feeling of inferiority we have. Earliest Memories and Style of Life - Style of life not specific to neurotic person, all of us have style of life it is the characteristic way we strive, handle, cope with and overcome the things we feel inferior about. When asked what the earliest memory they remember is it will represent the style of life the person has accepted for himself or herself. Notion is that the true value of these earliest memories are not in their factual content, doesnt matter if it is real or construed but what matters is this is the first thing you say when asked what is the first thing you remember? Critical Adlerian idea is that of inferiority and we remember him best by coining the phrase inferiority complex refers to early sense of powerless that we presumably all have Jungs Analytical Psychology Jung had way of showing how science and faith can meet. Attitudes and functions
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