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Lecture 21

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Marc A Fournier

1 Lecture 21 Personality Defined Same basic structure to organization of psychological knowledge, all of the material learned reduces to two dimensions one dimension to questions of population, is the subject matter at hand specific to particular population or is it population general? The other dimension is basic research vs. applied research. All of the sub-disciplines in psychology are organized in the same way. Personality offers unique position of a sort of knowledge broker. Personality does not reduce to a single construct or a set of constructs, hierarchical pluralism, we exist at multiple levels of description and inquiry and we need multiple constructs to describe how a person is and how they differ from other people. Discipline of personality defies a complete definition. McAdams & Pals definition: personality is an individuals unique variation of the general evolutionary design for human nature expressed as a developing pattern of dispositional traits, characteristic adaptations, and integrative life stories complexly and differentially situated in culture. Core human nature that we all share and that is our evolutionary and genetic legacy ach of represents unique variation on basic psychological design. What is personality? Conclude with general sense that personality is unique variation we show on universal design Pers
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