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Week 7

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Marc A Fournier

Week 7 Lecture: Goals & Strivings Overview of Week 7 Lecture The Legacy of David C. McClelland The Needs for Power & Intimacy Trait x Motive Interactions Introduction to Social Motivation McClellands Definition of a MotiveNeed: A recurrent preference or readiness for a particular quality of experience, which energizes, directs, and selects behavior in certain situations Motives for McClelland are kinds of like lens, a way of filtering ones experience into the kinds of qualities that are most meaningful or relevant to you So all of us see the world differently, in one of the lens through which we see the world that distinguishes your world from my world are the motivational preferences that I have that are different from you So given a certain motivational preparedness, I will see the world in slightly different ways from people with different motivational preferences Motive Conscious Intention Some motives are known to us, we have access to We can look into us and see the goal we have He felt that there were certain motivations that were only partly accessible to the consciousness that lie primarily outside the conscious awareness and that they play a profound role in shaping our cognition, perception and our behaviour He believes that much of what motivates us are not motives we are consciously aware of Motive Trait Motives are different from traits Traits refer to the questions of what Like what thoughts are does someone typically have, what feelings are someone prone to having Motivational constructs reference questions that begin with why We are making reference or seeking info about the motives underlying the behaviour We should not use these constructs interchangeably
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