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Lecture 7

lecture 7 notes - proper

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Marc A Fournier

PSYB30 Personality Mon, Jan 312011 Lecture 07 PART I: Gordon Allport & The Lexical Hypothesis Raymond Cattell & Factor Analysis Emergence of the Big Five PART II: Walter Mischels Original 1968 Critique The Trait Theorists Strike Back Walter Mischels Return PART III: The Camp Wediko Data (Shoda et al., 1994) Evidence of Behavioural Signatures Toward Reconciliation *** When he says the word TRAIT, we have to pay to which one of the two possible meanings for the word he is using. One meaning is the way we use trait in day to day language, but the other use of the word trait is specific to Psychological researchers A trait refers to any consistency (regularity) in cognition, affect, or behaviour of an individual. The term trait can also be used to refer to the variation in the population with respect to a given characteristic When he says extroversion, hes referring not to a single person and the fact that he or she might be extroverted, rather hes describing that within the population there is a range of characteristics that people show with increasing levels of extroversion (from high to low levels in extroversion) PART I Gordon Allport & The Lexical Hypothesis Allports Concept of Personality Allport was the first to offer a working definition of Personality Original Definition (1937): The dynamic organization within the individual of those psychophysical systems that determine his [or her] unique adjustments to the environment Here Allport is trying to convey the regulatory function of personality. Personality regulates how we adapt to changing physical and psychological environments There is a function to the personality system and the function of the system is to regulate how we cope with, how we respond to, how we adapt to changing physical and psychological environments
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