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Lecture 9

lecture 9 notes - proper!

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Marc A Fournier

LECUTRE 9: Week 5 CONTEMPORARY TRAIT TAXONOMIES OVERVIEW: PART I: Introduction to the Big Five taxonomy PART II: Emotional and Intrapersonal Domains PART III: Core Feature of Extraversion PART I: Introduction to the Big Five taxonomy In most cultures, not only English, whenever we bring together enough words such that they represent the broad range of words we use to describe peoples traits, we typically find 5 dimensions of difference Called the 5 factor model or The Big 5 We know people arent exactly the same from one situation to the next but we know that they leave some sort of signature (behavioural signature) and that there are some sort of consistencies in the way that they behave In the domain of personality psychology this is most the widely studied of all concepts the trait concept The Five Factor Model (the big 5) Common measures of the big 5 are: 1) NEO-PI-R (costa and macrae, 1992) 2) The Big Five Inventory (john et al., 1991) 3) Recently Gosling et al (2003) demonstrated that the 5-factor model could be reliably assessed by as few as 10 items All the above measures are reliable, robust questionnaires to help us assess the Big 5. They are all widely used today www.notesolution.com1) NEO-PI-R Originally developed in the late 70s (more so in the 80s). the first three letters are NEO bc the first 3 traits Identified were neuroticism, extroversion and openness. Later on expanded to incld agreeableness and conscientiousness and then was completed and revised and is now known as the Revised NEO inventory NEO-PI-R Its a 240 item inventory that not only assesses the 5 domains but also 6 traits (facets) associated with each of the 5 traits So altogether it measures 30 traits and 5 domains Takes about 30-45 min to complete which is a long time so participants arent usually asked to do it and they invented a new questionnaire: the NEO-FFI (NEO Five Factor Inventory) NEO-FFI: 60 items long, so its nice and brief and can be completed in 15 min But every time you administer for it youre charged so researchers cloned this questionnaire to develop the most commonfamous questionnaire: the Big Five Inventory 2) Big Five Inventory aka BFI 44 item measure so its administered pretty quickly (10min) Resulting scores = reliable and valid One of the more widely used instruments 3) 10 item questionnaire This isnt the best thing to do but it has been shown that if you need to do so you can measure the Big Five reliably from at least 10 items (2 per domain) Takes about 2-3min All of these measures have the same 5 constructs of interest in common Neuroticism (N) A broad dimension of individual differences relating to the readiness to experience distress and other negative affects
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