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Lecture 10

lecture 10 notes - proper!

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Marc A Fournier

LECTURE 10 (WEEK 6): CONTINUITY AND HERITABILITY Continuity speaks to personality development To what extent does personality elaborate and develop over life span To what extent do the attributes we show early in life stay the same as we grow older All aspects of personality develop over our life: not only trait but also goals, life narratives etc. Our discussion however will only pertain to traits Heritability: To what extent are the individual differences we see in people due to genetics vs. differences in the environment that a person has Both continuity and heritability are separate topics: A trait can be heritable but not continuous and vice versa People are like arrows, they arent only distinguishable by anatomical features (how they look) For arrows you need to launch them from the bow and see their flight to note the differences between them. People are the same need to see them in flight (from cradle to grave; birth to death) to see attributes more clearly and in context as people move thru time In the mid 1960s, a director created a documentary series to show how social class determined social outcome. He took 14 7-yr old kids and every 7 yrs he would catch up with them: called the Up series Continuity Its the consistency of individual differences ie relative positionrank order within a population of individuals over time We will be talking about the continuity of individual differences (aka continuity of differences or rank order continuity)
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