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Lecture 11

lecture 11 notes - proper!

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Marc A Fournier

LECTURE 11- CONTINUITY AND HERITABILITY contd behavioural genetics , in terms of psychology, is the study of Heritability the extent to which given behavioural traits are heritable has very little to do with specific genes (thats molecular genetics) this si concerned with Heritability the earliest methodology to study behavioural genetics = family studies Family Studies correlation of degree of personality similarities with the degree of genetic overlap between family members (degree of shares genetics bt family members) capitalizes on the fact that we know how genetically similar family members are due to the various relations parents each share 50% of their DNA with their offspring siblings on avg. share 50% of their DNA with each other grandparents share about 25% of their DNA with their grand kids first cousins share 18 of their DNA with each other logic: if we know a given trait is highly heritable then we should see more of an overlap in personality of that trait bt 2 members of a family that are related the closest (eg, siblings will be more similar than first cousins on that heritable trait) if a given characteristic is low in Heritability (genes play a smaller role) than there is no reason to expect that the siblings will resemble each other more closely than first cousins will on that trait confound: family members who share more genes in common also share more similar environments siblings not only resemble each other bc of their genetic similarities but maybe because of their environmental similarities in family studies, these two can never be disentangled, its a major flaw so no reliable conclusion can come from these studies
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