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Lecture 17

lecture 17 notes - proper!

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Marc A Fournier

PSYB30 Personality Mon, March 212011 Lecture 17 Overview of Week 10 Life-Story The Role of Narrative Tells us how Life of Pi is his favourite book of all time He talks about how it does a good job illustrating the difference between narrative truth and historical truth and the tension that exists between them The story illustrates the profound role of story telling in human affairs As people we are historians and history simultaneously Were story-tellers and story at the same time The book illustrates the important role that narrative has to play in weaving a coherent, meaningful, purposeful life and the role the narrative has in psychological functioning So for the first part of this class we talked about: An individuals Traits (what you learn about a person when you first meet them, psychology of the stranger) Then went onto their Motivations (you now know the person and youre learning what drives them) And now we move onto the third level of understanding a person their Life Story. We have an understanding of the narrative by which the person (or yourself) lives their lives PART I: Life-Story Formation How it is that we acquire a narrative tone, themes, characters, settings that make up a life-story PART II: Life-Story Integration How the features of ones Life-Story are related to their traits and their motivations PART III: Life-Story Revision Psycho-therapy as life-story revision PART I: Life-Story Formation Infancy Narrative Tone Childhood Imagery & Theme Adolescence Setting & Character Dimensions of Human Existence Of all the varieties that make up human experience we can distill two fundamental themes in everything that is essentially human Agency - The side of the human condition that reflects the selfs efforts to expand and grow, and become increasingly differentiated from others Focus on the self Formation of separations Striving for self-expansion and self-elevation
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