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Oren Amitay

Lecture 1 May 3 2010 N What is personality N personality is no readily definedno set idea of what personality is N how do you determine he is narcissistichis behavior N cant touch narcissismits a construct N What can you tell about the shirt--A fun character? N is there a difference between someone who has a lot of fun or someone who needs to have a lot of fun and go overboard and gets into trouble. N What is a Theory N A set of abstract concepts developed about a group of facts or events in order to explain them N A theory of personality is an organized system of beliefs that helps us to understand human nature N in order to have a theory of personalityit needs to have a purposeuse the knowledge to help people (Not just philosophizing in a coffee shop)--theoreticising without a goal is useless N 2 approaches to Personality N Academicand Clinical N FOR EXAM: Macro theory (Global)--trying to understand a person as a whole N Micro theorylooks at a specific limited pieces of personality N Micro= Academiccant look at everythingit would take forever, so just looks at little pieces N Macro=Clinical Evaluation of Personality Theories N As philiosophers, personality theorists seek to explore what it means to be a person
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