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Lecture 1 Intro

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Connie Boudens

Personality Psychology Introduction Personality Defined  An organized and relatively enduring set of psychological traits and mechanisms that influences a person’s interactions with, and adaptations to, the environment. Main Issues of Interest  What is basic nature of people?  Is human beh. internally or externally determined?  How consistent is personality?  Do we have control over internal states and behaviour?  Is present and future behaviour determined by past behavior?  How adaptive (positive) are certain aspects of personality?  How do our personalities help us to adjust to the environment? Areas of Interest and Research  Originally, psychologists sought to understand the whole of personality (see “grand theories of personality”)  Modern work usu within one of a number of sub-areas or domains “Building Blocks” of Personality  Trait/Dispositional  Biological  Self and Identity  Intrapsychic  Regulatory and motivational  Cognitive-Experiential  Social and Cultural Trait / Dispositional  Ways in which individuals differ  Focus on number and nature of fundamental traits  Goals:  Identify and measure most important ways individuals differ  Origin and development of individual differences  Interaction btw trait and situations Biological Domain Physical elements and biological systems that influence or are influenced by behaviours, thoughts, feelings  Be
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