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Elizabeth Page- Gould

Chapter 10: Cognitive Foundations of Personality Focuses on differences in information processing; specifically Cognition. Cognition [There are three levels]:  Awareness and thinking  Specific mental acts: perceiving, interpreting, remembering, believing, and anticipating, etc. Perception: Process of imposing order on information received by our sense organs. Field Independence: People, who are able to focus while there is noise occurring, are field independent. Field Dependence: Whereas the opposite is the case for those who are field dependant. Can be tested through methods mentioned below. They are able to be separated by majors: field Independence: Natural sciences, math, and engineering; field dependant: social science, and education.  They found out field dependant people rely on social cues, and are oriented towards other people. Whereas field independent people function with more autonomy and are more detached from others.  Embedded Figures Test (EFT): Images embedded into a picture, you have to be able to pick out the pictures within the picture. [Find the squirrel in the sky, elephant with the horse shoe ears].  Rod and Frame Test (RFT): The room is darkened and the person looks at the rods with frames placed around it [awkwardly]. You have a knob that moves the rod into a position where it’s straight up and down. Ex) People studied the differences between Chinese people and Europeans; the Chinese people had a more difficult time because they kept concerned themselves with the box. Pain Tolerance: Low pain tolerance has a nervous system that amplifies or augments the subjective impact sensory input. Those who can tolerate pain well have a nervous system that reduces the effects. Sensation Reducing-Augmenting:  Reducers show smaller responses at the neurological level to noise/light etc.  Reducers seek strong stronger stimulation, drink more coffee, smoke more, and get bored.  Reducers tend to start smoking at an earlier age, and engage in minor delinquencies. Interpretation: Process of making sense of, or explaining, events in the world
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