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Lecture 9

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Kira A Borden

Lecture 9 Slide 7 – one system of oppression over laps to work with each other - Interlocking system- patriarchy and capitalism and colonialism ( European people ) and racism ( colonialism give birth to hegemonic femininity) most desirable Slide 8 – girl are seen as smoking and sexy and slim Man are seen as making sounds , way they are suppose to stand to The black guy seen with power compared to the girl EX” am I cool now “ so she is trying to fit in the society Silde 9 – race- black guy teaching the white girl the dance Sexuality- sexism 0 how the girl is trying to fit in the society “ I am going to dance around the girl’s body” Hegemonic femininity- she is emotional with mom Hegemonic masculinity- the way he is trying to show her to sit , make sounds Controlling over other girls His friends telling him what he is doing and stuff he shouldn’t be doing that Slide 10- Mammy- Black mother figure in white homes. “  The faithful, obedient domestic servant…  represents the normative yardstick used to evaluate all Black women‟s behavior.  By loving, nurturing, and caring for her white children and „family‟ better than her own,  the mammy symbolizes the dominant group‟s perceptions of the ideal Black female relationship to elite white male power. Matriarch- the “bad” Black mother…  fail their traditional “womanly” duties.  Spending too much time away from home,  these working mothers ostensibly cannot properly supervise their children and are a major contributing factor to their children‟s school failure.  overly aggressive, unfeminine women,  Black matriarchs allegedly emasculate their lovers and husbands. Jezebel- “Whore, sexually aggressive woman… central in this nexus of elite white male images of Black womanhood because efforts to control Black women‟s sexuality lie at the heart of Black women‟s oppression… Provides a rationale for the widespread sexual assaults by white men typically reported by Black slave women.”  Welfare mother- lazy by blaming Black welfare mothers for failing to pass on the work ethi
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