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Lecture 16

Lecture 16 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Marc A Fournier

thPSYB30H3SWednesday March 16 2011 PersonalityLecture 16 Lecture 16 Notes additional significant difference btwn Eriksons developmentFreuds stage modellibidoorganization Eriksonprepare you to moveon Freudcant move on if you dont actually do well enough You will move on to subsequental challenges in Erikson model wether or not you pass or fail the previous ones Erikson saw it not as a psychosexual progression but psychosocial Soceity expects you to progress at a chronological age whether you passed the phases or not For Eriksonfailing a certain stageyou will still move on and face these things in later life regardlessJamessemistructured interview to categorize people into one of the 4 identity status classifications Concerns questions relating to the extent of ones commitment to ideologycareer Kinds of statements one would make in order to get a classification of achievement IE persons faith has been consideredreconsidered and I know what I can believeThought about political beliefs and realize I maymay not agree with many of my parents beliefs Took me a long time to decide but now I know what direction to move in for a careerth Met 5 stage of developmentmade well defined commitments in both occupationalideological domains IE People in young adulthoodacademic achievementTAT measures implicit need to achieve Fall into this identity statushigher scores on thematicof achievementNot conformingpeer pressure or social norms because theyve explored before decidingMORATORIUMsearchersnot sure what religion means to me id like to decide but not done yetnot sure about political beliefs but trying to figure out I just cant decide what I want to do there are so many possibilities
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