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Lecture 14

Lecture 14 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Marc A Fournier

thPSYB30H3SWednesday March 9 2011 PersonalityLecture 14 Lecture 14 Notes 3 basic psychological needs typical of the speciescharacterize requirements of all individuals that are not a product of socialization etc autonomyneed to feel sense of choiceownership of ones own actionscompetencesense of mastery ability to go into environment and extract what we needRelatednesscare for and about people etcNo presumed individual differences in needstrength noone needs something more than others universalsWhat are the socialcontextual factors that will assist people in meeting their needs or frustrate people in doing thisCannot take it forgranted that our needs will be metContextual Factorsautonomous supportprovides choices initiationetc are encouraged pressure to perform are minimizedIdea environments can differ in how much choice they provide pressures are minimized To extent those things holdcondition supportive of autonomy help individuals to feelday to day Structureextent to which the contingencies of behavioursoutcomes are understandable IE You do something a certain outcome follows To what extent have guidelines for performanceexpectations have been provided to you Feedbackrespect to your behaviour Important for satisfaction for ones need for competence Need to know whats expectedif you act in a certain way what will happenTHIRD Degree of involvement that significant others show towards you in the context in question To what extent do you feel those care about you and your welfare how they care about your development etcNEEDS for relatedness are met Ideal context autonomous support structure involvement Apply across a wide variety of settings etc IE Courses differ across these three things How regularly you have options etc in completing your program evaluationfeedback in only a midterma final difference in professors IE Responseslack thereofShould experience your reflection of the course
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