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Lecture 12

Lecture 12 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Oren Amitay

PersonalityLecture 12What are the stylisticcharacteristic ways in which we adapt to our environmentMotivational adaptationsDavid Mclelland One of the pioneers of social motivationMotivationneed are interchangeableaccording to MclellandIdea of an implicit motiveHow motives are different from traits and how they interactIntroduction to Social MotivationA motive a recurrent preference or readiness for a particular quality of experience which energizes directs and selects behaviour in cetain situationsFor Mclelland motive was a lensits a way of filtering our experiencesWe each see the world differently according to different motivational preferencesMotives are different from traitsTraitsRefer to what behaviour thought or feeling does someone haveMotivationRefer to questions that begin with why Why somebody has done what they have done Motive underlying the behaviourDifference between a motivation and a conscious intentionWe are aware of some of our motives and intentions But there are certain motivations that are only partly accessible to consciousnessSo much that motivates us we arent aware ofso how do we measure thisMeasuring Implicit MotivationMclellands strategyThematic Apperception Test TAThe was the one who used it for thisparticipants write stories about the ambiguous pictures on cardsWe project our motivation concerns hopes and fears onto the characters in the story were creatingProjective testAchievement Motivebelieved that this was an implicit motivation so only partly conscious of it We need the TAT to access thisScoring SystemYou need a scoring system to code the stories for themes related to achievementYou need to experimentally create conditions give them cognitive task and make them believe it reflects their abilities under which achievement motivation is temporarily raisedThen identify themes that tend to appear and use this as a standard scoring systemSeveral Criticisms against TAT1 Poor reliabilityif people write different stories achievment may not come up all the timerelibaility puts a ceiling on validity2 Poor criterion validity3 Disagreement btwn questionnaires and TAT
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