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Lecture 2

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Oren Amitay

Lecture 2 NotesHow can you use your personality to mediate between the id and superegoHow can you get your libido met while satisfying the superego eg Grab the personWhen we cant gratify our needs we go into a primary process we fantasizebut this only goes so farhunger cant be satiated with fantasizingWe dont get to do the things we really want to do most of the timewe cant operate as a society if we do thatSome of the things that go into the process of becoming good citizenshow our personality developsFreuds metaphorFreud said our mind is like an icebergthe toptip of the iceberg conscious but the most important parts are underneath unconsciousCarl Jung and Freud recognized that whats going on in the surface is not asimportant as whats going on below but they took different approaches toconceptualizing the materialACCESS TO THE UNCONSCIOUSFreud believed that there were only a few ways to get to the unconcious1 hypnoticismwhich he abandoned quickly2 lie on the couch and talk Free AssociationThe technique is to say whatever you want without censoring or editing what you say Free Association is to get past the repression and get to the true selfwhen you cant get past it its called resistanceYou want to access the thoughts and feelings lurking belowLying there and speaking will cause memories and urges will come up as believed by Freud who then tries to put certain themes together and make sense of itSo free association is trying to get to the real youthe id3 Interpretation of Dreams2 ways of repressing actively doing it and unconsciously doingFrued believed that true repression involved the unconscious mind that blocks true urges He believed that we release urges when we sleep What we see in our dream is called manifest content appearance its what you remember from the dreamMany therapists looked at sexual feelings for a parent as a themeIf you dont agree with Freud he will tell you that youre in denial and you cant handle the truth Latent contentwhat the dream really means or represents This how you get to the unconscious4 Drinking Alcoholallows repressed urges to come up by lowering your inhibitions
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