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Lecture 4

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Oren Amitay

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Lecture 4PersonalityExamEmma Ekstein What happened w her therapy and why is it importantpg 7 Freud document READ ITProjectionwe assume everybody sees things the way we doUnderstand strengths and weaknesses of Freuds theory The Science The Philosophy and The ArtFor other chapters strengths and weaknesses of other people will NOT be testedFor therapiesyou need to know major concepts a few terms from the psychotherapies what did each theorist bring to the table what did they add Except for Freud you need to know everything transference countertransferenceDont spend too much on Fromm just know that hes isolation and his 3 escape mechanismsADLEREmphasized the importance of human culture and society in the development of individual personalityHe overcame alot in life and that shaped his views in psychologySocial interesturge in human nature to adapt oneself to the conditions of the social environmentFinalismAdler was more futureoriented as opposed to Freud who was pastorientedBelieved that humans tried to make sense of their lives even if its not trueIndividuals are oriented towards goals that guide their behaviour many of which cannot be proven and are judged by their usefulnessFutureoriented viewFictional FinalismNarrativesControlWere trying to make sense of our lives even if its not trueEx Why are we in universityTell ourselves storiesto help us understandMost important goal for every human beingof human functioning is to master their own environmentIts all about controlWithout mastering envt we cant really achieve any of our other goalsControlStriving for SuperiorityThe drive for competenceeffectiveness and whatever one strives to doAdler believed that our goal in life is to strive for something and meet our goalsSuperiority ComplexInferiorityFeelings arise from childhood dependence and lead us to strive for superiorityInferiority ComplexViews on Men and WomenHis wife shaped his views on equality between men and womenWomen who strived to be like a man striving for power he called this Masculine protest penis envyThen he realized Men or women who tried to be too powerful or who tried overcompensate for their shortcomings was also called masculine protest penis envy
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