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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Oren Amitay

Lecture 2PersonalityHuman EvolutionCriteria for a good theoryCoherentto what extent is it logically and internally consistentTestablehypothesis should be falsifiableEmpirically validtheory needs to be consistent with data weve collected or will collect in the futureComprehensivenessThe explanatory scope of a particular theorysome will explain more phenomena than othersWe prefer the theory that explains more rather than lessFreudian psychoanalysis is a very comprehensive theoryattempts to explain alotComprehensiveness is purchased at a price because this means that we need to introduce more and more constructscomplicatedComplicated is not desiredParsimonywe prefer a theory that is simple and elegantyou need a balance between comprehensiveness and parsimonyFreuds theory lacks parsimonyExtra CriteriaUtilityusefulnesssocial usefulnesswe prefer theory that generates solutions to human problem as opposed to a theory that doesntpsychoanalysis and behaviourism have been useful because theyve generated forms of psychotherapyGenerativityshould provoke interest and generate new questionsresearchSigmund FreudFreud challenges our place in psychological universechallenges victorian viewsyou are not the master of your fate you have little control over your unconsciousprovided one of the first and most comprehensive theory of personalityfirst introduced idea of the talking cureFreuds Developmental TheoryPsychosexual developmentLibidobelieved that mind is a system that operates on the basis of energyPsychic system required energy libido to operateLibido is the energy that drives this psychological machine
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