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Lecture 3

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Oren Amitay

Lecture 3Human EvolutionWe will look at ancient processesStructure of Evolutionary TheoryWork of Charles Darwin 1801Published Origin of Species 1850sNoone has changed the way we think of ourselves as biological agents as Charles Darwin didEvolution is the organizing framework for all the sciencesSo any theory of personality should be consistent with evolution3 basic ideas of where humans come fromevolutiononly scientifically grounded theorycan account for all the archaeological datacreationseedingaliens planted humans hereEvolution theory has changed overtime3 basic elements to evolutioninheritancesome of these designed features are heritablethey will be passed on to a certain extent genetic basisscars are acquired designed features so theres no genetic basisvariationorganisms differ in their designed featuressome of us are taller and some of us are shortersome species have large frontal lobes others have thingsselectiondesigned features can influence our capacities to survive and reproduceif it can be passed on and contributes to our reproductive success will bepassed on at greater rates than alternative design featuresthey propagate within a speicies They become more frequent and may become typical of the speicies all of them will have the traitsNatural Selection one of 2 evolutionary processesthe evolution of adaptive characteristics because of the survival benefits bestowed on those having themlong neck of the giraffe is a product of natural selection pressuresthose giraffes that had the longer necks were better able to survive because they had greater ability to acquire foodthose who survived the ones with long necks passed on their long neck geneThis is now characteristic of a giraffeSexual Selectionevolution of adaptive characteristics because of the reproductive benefits bestowed on those having them
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