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Lecture 4

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Oren Amitay

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Lecture 4He introduced the idea of an attachment system that was presumed to regulate childrens distances from their caregivesSuch a system would have been adaptive in terms of evolution Kids who arent adapted or attached to their parents they would be at a disadvantage Attachment is a behaviour regulating systemDifferent situations call for the infant to see mother in different ways safe heaven vs Secure baseThe infants ties to its motherexploratory behaviour mother is seen as secure basethreatening stimuliproximityseeking mother is the safe havenThe Attachment Systemplascticity of this system calibrated and adjusted over the course of developmentwe all come into the world with the same attachment system but how they change and get adjusted depends on our experiencesprimary purpose of attachement system monitor PROXIMITY and DISTANCE from caregiverWorking Modelsinternal representations of ourselves and of caregiveswhether or not we are worthy of the attention care and protection caregivers providewhether caregivers are trustworthy in the care they provideso representation of OUR SELF and OUR CAREGIVERWorking models vary depending on early experiencesWhat happens when mother leavesprotest first reaction is to protest to get mothers attention when theres too much of distancedespairchild is not angry or vocalvery solemn moodprotest turns to despair because you dont want to signal that you are not protecteddettachmentchild is almost at peace with mothers absencein evolution mother is deadAinsworths Strange Situationgenerate a standardized sequence of situations to elicit these responses from the childThe Strange Situation1 motherinfant enter roominfant is free to explore behaviour is observed for a few mins2 stranger entersst3 1 separation episodemother leaves infant with strangerhow does infant reactst4 1 reunion episodemother returnsstranger leaveshow does infant react frustration happynd5 2 separation episodemother leaves infant alone6 Stranger returns and tries to interact with childnd7 2 reunion episodeinfants respond in predictable wayswhat was surprising was how varied childrens responses were3 separate classestypes of children attachment styleBBabies securely attached 6223 of the babiesdemonstrate exploration at firstwhen mother leavesseparation anxiety
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