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Lecture 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Marc A Fournier

Lecture 1y McAdams asks What is it that you know when you know a person This question is asked to think about other theories y Sketch an imagehave a broad view when you first meet someone y Are traits there from early environment or heredity And do they change y Traits are relatively superficial but predictable in under 10 minutes can tell whos room is messy going to get divorced live a happy successful life y Traits sketch an outline of who were likey How we adapty These 2 levels alone do not describe who a person is y To know a person we need to know the story they are fashioningy Theory is a statement used to describe observations They have statements characterize the way things appear in the world y Building block of theory is a construct which is an explanatory variable An idea used to categorize things in the worldy Psychological constructs are unobservabley We are making use of constructs and inferences such as from test scores that are not valid y Constructs are the building blocks of theory and get connected through correspondent rule which says how one constructs is related to another constructs It is the relationship between two or more constructsy If your correspondent rule is precise it can lead you to testing something hypothesisy Wide variety of non systematic theory of how people are the way they arey Astrology is the endeavor to divine detail about a person by celestial arrangements constellation y Palmistry is through divinationy Theyre correspondent rules arent valid y All of us have implicit theories why people are the way they are why people are different from others Researcher puts their beliefs and derive tests to see if hypothesis are confirmed or noty Can take an informal theory and formalize it and more explicity Dependency is unhealthyy Can take casual observations about someones functioning and make an inference about an underlying conference It represents that something is underlying It comes from someones own report y Personal health is an underlying variable that explains emotional physical and spiritual healthy Theories underlie everything we say and doy What differentiates personality psychology from everyone else is to see whether theory has merit How do you determine that Measure individual differences in emotional health y PANAS Positive Affect Negative Affect Scale y Negative Affect is negative emotion
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