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Personality Lecture 2

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Oren Amitay

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Personality Lecture 2 Primary Process: When we cant physically gratify our actual needs, we fantasize. Only goes so far (If your hungry dreaming about food wont help) Behaviourism, Psychodynamics or societal norms we cant do what we want to do, because society says we cant function as a society if we do what ever we want Freud thought there is only a few ways to get to the unconscious o First he thought it was hypnosis o Then he thought it was free association ( a way to get to the real you) No editing o Other wayis by interpreting dreams. o TRUE Repressionit gets blocked before you are even aware of it. What we see in our dreams o Manifest content: What you see in the dreams o Latent content in dreams: What it really means Last way to get to the unconsciousALCOHOL o Doesnt change your mind Personality o Lowers the inhibitionslets the real you come out Freud went overboard with sexual violent meanings Motivation for sexuality: Pleasure seeking Eroslife impulses Thanatosdeath impulses Freud thought that the stages in life to develop our personality was the psychosexual stages o Freud thought your personality is fully developed by age six o If the libido is frustrated or overindulged during a stage This leads to a fixation at that stage o If someone does not have their EMOTIONAL NEEDS met Freud thought some body parts provide survival needs Oral Fixations(do parents meet your emotional needs) ORAL PASSIVEthe person is needy, clingyyou go to the bathroom and the person doesnt want you to leave ORAL AGGRESSIVEverbally harsh sarcasm(sarcasm is not irony its mean spirited, meant to hurt othersbiting sarcasmlike saying just kidding, its a way to get out your aggressions, and you dont want to be mean but let it out through humour OCD, you have a bad thoughtyou want to repress itbut when you do, it comes back even stronger. Negative feelings find their way out, if not directly, then indirectly
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